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I use the cutlery and for the moment I actually feel better from a digestive point of view

I also feel lightened and I no longer have the feeling of heaviness at the end of the meal


It works well, it works well, frankly I'm very happy, it solves almost all my digestion problems.


I am delighted with this fork, after 2 days, I went from about 5 stools per day to ONE.

I eat without having to think about whether I have to go out (especially when the toilets of some stores, even medical practices, are closed) raw vegetables, lentils were no longer part of the menu!

I can walk without being interrupted after 20 minutes by abdominal pain followed by diarrhea.

I dared not consider a trip, everything was complicated for me, I live again.

I feel less tired.


I recommend this utensil which, without medication, has eliminated all my intestinal problems.


Weight loss

The idea of ​​this fork is brilliant. The reminder that I eat too quickly allows me to correct myself. I have a lot less gastric lifts, I digest better and my dietician congratulates me on the progress in my way of eating, composition of meals and eating slowly, less 10kgs in 5 months. You have to take your time at the table, easy to say, but bad habits are hard to break. The fork really helped me change.


Thank you very much for the fork! My son is very happy to eat with it and it works very well for him!


Slow control fork and spoon at the top it allows you to eat much more slowly and to take the time to eat it allows you to lose weight for people who have not had a sleeve or bypass operation and for people who have had surgery it is a help in more in weight loss, so I put all the chances on my side to achieve my goal and never give up, it will be my fight of a lifetime

perte de poid

Bariatric surgery

Operated on a bypass, I did not know what satiety was, I eat very quickly, I eat too much. Thanks to the fork I take the time and especially if I eat too quickly the fork reminds me. Super fork that changed my life and relearned how to eat with pleasure and satiety.


 I can't do without my fork because otherwise I eat too quickly. I had a bypass in 2017 and before the fork I was eating too fast and had very big digestion problems. Now all is fine.



but I motivate them to order your forks, hundreds of patients have already passed the course and are very happy! very nice invention



•the delivery time is fast (order on Saturday, delivery on Tuesday).

•I tested it on myself and I am very pleasantly surprised by the product:

• Lightness of the fork

• Discreet vibration and light, especially when in company!

• Efficiency because I haven't finished my plate!

• French product, cocorico!

•Positive points to start, to follow!

•Recommended product



The use of this cutlery clearly helps to become aware of the rhythm at which one connects the mouthfuls and favors the slowing down of the appetizer by increasing the chewing time. The objective is clearly fulfilled to help a better awareness of the behavior at the time of food intake and to slow it down. The feeling of fullness and satiety is improved and we expect a better consideration of these indicators to regulate overall food intake.



many of my patients are satisfied with Slow control.

Digestive surgeon

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