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An intelligent fork by mouthing detection and a discreet signal adapted if necessary

The key to the invention lies in a very simple principle, you just had to think about it. The Slow Control fork head will detect contact with the mouth. If one eats with a fork or a spoon, the food will pass through the mouth. The lips will then touch the head of the fork or the head of the spoon. When the fork head detects contact with the mouth, a computer then checks whether the time elapsed since the last bite is sufficient and tells you then if you are in fast eating mode / or in slow eating mode.

Light vibration

If the interval between two successive bites is sufficient: the fork says nothing.
If the interval between two bites is too short: the fork warns the user with a slight vibration

Discreet light signal

A discreet light signal guides the user between bites. It flashes red if you have to wait for the next bite.

Three patents have been filed.

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