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If your smart fork model is the one in the photo - Version 2018 - 2021

You are experiencing a malfunction. Easily diagnose its cause.

Vibration works all the time

Explanation: You activate false detections of the vibrating fork with your second hand.

  • If your second hand touches the fork through the bread

  • If your second hand touches the fork through an uninsulated knife (use our knife)

  • If your second hand touches the fork or spoon through a dish that is too thin (yogurt jar, tray) or in a conductive dish (metal pan, bowl made of iron-laden material)

Nothing works

Light does not work and vibration does not work.

Explanation 1: Used Battery

Explanatiion : Your battery is worn.

Action : Change the battery. 

Explanation 2: Battery contactors release after a shock

Explanation: The contact hurts, because following a shock the battery which is heavier than the contact makes it lose with its inertia its elasticity and the contact then hurts.

Action: Strengthen contacts see (video below). Gently swivel the top of the contactors inward with a knife blade or screwdriver.

Explanation 3: Your electronic key has water

The white control dot on the key turned red. This means that your electronic key has been in contact with water which is unfortunately irremediable for its operation. The user guide explicitly mentions this use precaution. The guarantee does not cover this case.
Resserrer les contacteurs

The light doesn’t work, the vibration works


Without realizing it, by pressing too long on the ignition you deactivated the light when entering the alarm programming mode.

To restore the light:

  • Solution 1: see video below.
  • Solution 2: Remove the battery and replace it. The automatically reinstalled alarm programming mode is a 10 second alarm with flashing light.
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Régler l'alarme

Firm Headwear

If necessary, with wear, see video to consolidate the holding of the fork head on the handle.

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Voir la vidéo

You still need help

1. Describe the failure: light works (yes or no), vibration works (yes or no), other…

2. Attach a photo of your upper view key with its prominent round point (as shown in the photo).

3. Give the reference of your purchase (last name / first name / order number)

We promise to return you within 48 hours.

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