Premium Pack

Slow Control

The Premium Pack contains: A smart fork + A matching knife + A smart spoon + A charger (equipped with batteries)



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I choose to eat slowly! The smart fork naturally helps me get to the right tempo. I am connected to my feelings, and rediscover the pleasure of the meal.
• Scientifically proven: Eating quickly contributes to weight gain, the risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, the risk of metabolic syndrome.
• Scientifically proven: With the Slow Control fork the control group eats more slowly. Improved chewing. Demonstrated effect on weight loss.
• Natural method, without side effects. Adopted by nutritionists. Made in France. Patented. Trademark Slow Control.
• Awarded at the 2018 Soffco congress (digestive surgery) and by the French Diabetology Association (2014). Numerous technical prizes (Cap tronic, CES, etc.)
• Washing: machine washable by removing the electronic key.


  • smart fork
  • weight loss
  • easy and simple
  • scientically proven
  • patented

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