Book "Manger moins vite"

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Eating less quickly: State of knowledge, perspectives, experiences, research, understanding everything about eating quickly, why, how and for what effects.


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Tachyphage (“Who eats quickly”). This boorish behavior is much more vicious than it seems. He insidiously settled in as a stowaway among many of us to discreetly become an ogre of our modernity. Imagine a theater that needs to be filled in less than five minutes. You would witness an unimaginable mess with smuggling in, people being huddled in one place, and other places being deserted. It's the same with our body when we eat too quickly, with foods that are poorly detected, poorly filtered, poorly digested, metabolic loops that act urgently to assimilate the flow by storing fat. Favorable ground for the disease. Simple and effective solutions to eating slowly exist, but the context of the meal is subject to many forces and prejudices. Feeding speed is at the neuralgic crossroads of several disciplines: at the frontier of medicine because it affects physiology and health, of anthropology because holding the meal involves the use of tools, psychology through making food decisions, social through behavioral interactions, philosophy through the precepts of body, consciousness and will, and even ecology since what we eat comes from our environment. It is the purpose of this book to share this news in 2022.


Author: Jacques Lépine - Engineer and Inventor of the Slow Control smart fork which won several prizes in technology and medicine. Has been working on the subject of fast eating since 2004, with feedback from many healthcare professionals and their patients


  • 100 pages
  • Taille : 14 cm * 21 cm
  • smart fork
  • eat slowly
  • weight loss
  • better digestion
  • simple and efficient
  • scientifically proven

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